Synthetic stone resin
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Synthetic stone resin

Suitable for imitation granite/marble products, arts and crafts
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Brand Category Viscosity
Gel time
(Min 25℃)
Thermal deformation temperature
The bending strength
The tensile strength
Elongation at fracture
The main purpose
FL-885N O-benzene/neopentyl glycol 0.75–1.25 3.2–5.9 70 100 60 2.0 Suitable for imitation granite/marble products, arts and crafts
FL-885IN M-benzene/neopentyl glycol 0.5–0.84 3.5–6.5 85 110 60 2.0 High water resistance and high hardness, suitable for imitation granite/marble, hard surface materials
FL - 885 - s food grade phthalates 0.75–1.25 5.6–10.4 60 115 68 3.6 Suitable for food grade artificial stone and products, used in kitchen and bathroom equipment
FL-885 phthalates 0.75–1.25 5.6–10.4 50 100 60 4.2 Suitable for imitation granite/marble products
FL-888MMA The development of MMA 0.94–1.56 5.1–9.4 55 100 60 4.0 Acrylic modification, suitable for imitation granite/marble products
FL-988MMA The development of MMA 0.90–1.50 4.7–8.7 60 110 65 3.9 Acrylic modification, suitable for imitation granite/marble products
FL-680 phthalates 0.56–0.93 7.0–13.0 58 120 70 4.0 High hardness, suitable for making artificial stone products
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