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fuling Main Varieties and Application Areas:
● Marine resin certified by the Lloyd's Register and China Classification Society
● Used as SMC/BMC resin and low shrinkage/low outline additives on Grade-A surface of automobiles and electrical appliances
● Ultra-low smoke density flame retardant resin used on trains and subway vehicles
FL – 350APT certified by DIN 5510/S4/SR2/ST2
FL -- 360APT certified by NFF16-101/102/FO/M2
FL-- 918 certified by USCG (USA Coast Guard)
FL -- 968 certified by UL of the United States
● Used for wining pipeline and tank lining/structural resin
FL-518 isophthalic food-grade lining resin is detected by the Beijing State FRP Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center FL-F889 phthalimide structure resin is detected by China Shanghai Testing Center FRP/composites industry test point
All in line with the resin indicators specified in the “National Standard of Glassfiber Reinforced Plastics Sandpipe (draft)” to be enacted and enforced 
● Used in wind driven generator blade resin
● Machine-made translucent FRP sheet resin
● High performance vinyl anticorrosive resin
● Artificial stone / crafts / button resin
● Colorful gel coat / primary color gel coat / special mold gel coat
● Phthalimide /isophthalic benzene / vinyl resin for pultrusion process
● All types of universal resins